35 Years of Family, Growth and People

We’re excited to be celebrating 35 years in business, but we’re even more excited about what we’ve accomplished in the past 35 years. What’s changed? Everything we’d want to change in order to grow in all the ways that make us able to provide solutions to our clients. What hasn’t? Who we are and the service we provide.

What’s changed?

  • What we call ourselves. Then it was Randal Wood Displays. Later it was Randal Display. Now it’s Randal Retail.
  • What we make. Then it was window boxes and clothes washing paddles. Later it was also displays. Now it’s a whole lot more, from fixtures and lighting to seating and signage to basketball hoops, etc..
  • How many employees we have. Then it was just a handful. Now it’s 80 people and counting.
  • Where we work. Then it was Chicago. Later it was Addison. Now it’s Batavia. From one building to two, Randal kept outgrowing its space. At one point in Addison, you’d see Randal’s forklifts driving up streets and down the alleys to get from one building to another. The move to Batavia happened about 20 years ago, with the shop doubling in size just two years later.
  • How we work. Then it was hand-made templates. Now its automation for accounting, production, estimating and more. When Thea Sakelaris came to Randal after graduating from college, she made technological advancement a priority, launching Randal onto its current path of having more advanced technology than most shops twice its size.
  • Who we work with. Then it was a few retailers, mostly bookshops and other stores with books in their inventories. Now it’s a wide range of markets and retailers.
  • Whose children are working over the summers. Then it was siblings Chris and Thea putting in some hours over the summer. And now it’s the third generation, with Chris’ children working in the office and the shop when they’re off school in the summers.

What hasn’t.

  • Who we are. We are a family. Not biologically, but because of who we are. We approach tasks collaboratively. We take care of our people. Our team and our clients. From when Phil Randazzo started this company in 1981 to now, that hasn’t changed. And it won’t.
  • Who we are. Oh yes, we just said that. But we mean it. When Chris Randazzo started working for his father when he was a kid, he did a little bit of everything from working up drawings to grunt work in the shop. And he still does. You can find him in the office working through estimates. You’ll see him out meeting new clients. And you’ll also find him digging in around in the sawdust, looking for a solution for a client.

The right things have changed in the past 35 years. And the right things haven’t. What will change in next 35 years? Randal Retail will continue to find the best ways to serve our clients, technologically, operationally and creatively.  And what won’t? Who we are. You can depend on that.


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