5 Reasons to Trust the Randal Retail Group Program

You’re likely familiar with the process of coordinating your construction vendors to make sure everything’s in place before your grand opening. You’ve probably worked with general contractors who have overpromised and under delivered. You’ve had unexpected issues arise and as a result – your budget has been blown out of the water.


The Randal Retail Group Program is here to help. What is the Randal Program? It is all of our core services at Randal Retail Group provided to you in one turn-key solution. It is designed to be more efficient and more cost effective to get your project done on time and on budget.



Here are 5 reasons why you should trust the Randal Program:

  1. All services are included
    1. From custom fixture design to the building, shipping, and installing of your space, all of our services are wrapped up into the Randal Program, making the streamlined process easier for you
  2. Locked in pricing and billing system
    1. Once we work with your team to determine your exact project needs, we will provide you with a price up front that is locked in from the start. If you’re interested, we can also work with your budget to determine alternate options
  3. One direct service provider
    1. You should be focused on one thing – opening your business – instead of juggling vendors. Let us handle the headaches and take care of the construction.
  4. Accommodating additional services as needed
    1. We have a large warehouse to store fixtures for when you need them in the future. We also offer a number of additional services your project may require, including site surveys, architectural CAD design, and complete store buildouts.
  5. A partner every step of the way
    1. We’re here for you every step of the way. Your Project Manager will be by your side from concept, to execution, through installation. Our value-engineering will save you money and our final quality check on all fixtures before they leave the shop floor will ensure your satisfaction. We will be in the field alongside you, working as hard as you are to get ready for your store open.


With the Randal Program, you get one partner you can trust. Call us today for more information on our turnkey Randal Program.


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