Solve the Laminate Line Mystery…Why You Need to Know Where Your Boards are Laminated

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Most people do not consider their vendors’ machinery when choosing among mill workers. They look at the bottom line. The cost. The efficiency. The customer service. But sometimes taking a look behind the scenes can show you how machinery impacts your bottom line both as it relates to cost and timing.

For example your list of questions for your potential millwork vendors probably does not include asking if they have their own laminate line or if they order all their pieces pre-laminated. But it should be. Why? Because it has a significant impact on cost and timing.

What is a laminate line?

A laminate line is machinery that applies the laminate to the board. First it applies glue to the board. Next the machine sets the laminate on top of the glue. Then pressure is applied to securely adhere the laminate to the board, preparing a custom-made board ready to be cut for your store’s millwork.

How does using a millwork vendor with a laminate line help me?

  • Control of quantity. Millwork vendors ordering from laminate distributors have to meet minimum order requirements, which means either you pay for more laminate than you need or you have to wait for another customer to complete the minimum order. With our own laminate line, there are no added costs and no delays. We can make however much your project requires. Easy.
  • Control of quality. Since we laminate ourselves, we can ensure that each and every laminate board meets our stringent quality requirements.
  • Customization. We can customize to the colors you want and are not limited by the options provided by the laminate distributers.
  • Cost savings. It costs us less to laminate the boards ourselves than to buy them pre-laminated, which has a positive impact on your cost as well.
  • Time savings. The efficiency of our laminate line far exceeds the timing involved with ordering pre-laminated boards and waiting for delivery. Your project begins the process faster because our laminate line is ready and waiting to be the first step in your production process.

While the bottom line numbers tend to drive most purchasing decisions, a look behind the scenes can sometimes give you a little more information to help you make the wisest decisions possible. And when choosing a millwork vendor, choosing one with an in-house laminate line means both cost savings and speedier delivery, which help you get your store opening or remodel done both on-time and on budget. Contact us today for questions about our laminate line and to learn about other ways we keep you on-time and on-budget.

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