Digital Designs – Adapting Your Retail Spaces to Accommodate for the Latest and Greatest

Times are changing and it’s more evident than ever that digital is a large factor in stores today. Think about when you stop into a store and see flat-screen TVs showing menus or commercials, or when you’ve placed an order on an iPad or similar kiosks. These digital developments are here to stay.


At Randal Retail Group, we design your store around the digital technology you use to interface with your customers. We make sure that our all of our cabinets and fixtures work to complement your striking digital technology without distracting your customers.



When we worked with Comcast to design their new stores, they mentioned they wanted 65” Samsung TVs throughout their locations. The intent was for these top-of-the-line TVs to best show off Comcast’s cable services. So what did we do? We asked Comcast to send us the TVs and sound bars they were using so we could build the fixtures the TV would be affixed to. In the process, we set up an exact display right here in our shop. This allowed us to test out the TV mounted to our display to make sure it functioned as it was intended to. Then we had the team at Comcast come by and take a look to make sure everything was up to their standards. Together, we tested out the sound and view from different angles and distances to determine the best way to set up the display and envision how it would lay out in the store.

We are used to our customers updating their designs to include more technology. And at Randal Retail Group, we are the experts at bringing these designs to life. We have designed, built, and tested enough fixtures with technology incorporated into them that you can trust us to work with your new digital displays in your next location.


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