Are You Enhancing Your Store’s Features for the Modern Customer?

What do you notice first when you walk into a retail store? For many, it’s the cash wrap, which is often the focal point of the store, an area store owners want customers to be able to locate easily and a section that takes up a lot of valuable floor space. Recently, however, something interesting is happening to the traditional checkout counter: it’s disappearing. New technology and focus on customer experience is changing the way retailers design their store, from the cash wrap to inventory management and more. Here’s how:

  • The disappearance of the cash wrap. Many retail locations, including the Apple Store and Nordstrom’s shoe department, have done away with the traditional checkout counter and instead rely on mobile devices like tablets to run transactions. Removing the cash wrap provides many benefits, including saving money on expensive checkout counters, releasing valuable floor space, allowing more creativity with design, reducing customer wait time and improving customer service.
  • The incorporation of technology in fixtures. Slots and openings are built into fixtures to accommodate new technology that allows for improved customer service and customer trial. In addition to processing transactions and helping customers find items, technology also allows customers to experience products before purchase. Fixtures are built around encouraging customers to see, touch and use products.
  • The reduction of inventory kept on the floor and in-store. Cash wraps are not the only floor-space hog in traditional retail. Inventory is a space sucker, too. In response to new technology and focus on customer wishes, retailers are reducing the amount of inventory kept in store, both on the floor and in the backroom. Customers want to try products and then customize. They choose their color, model and size and have it delivered to their homes. Best Buy has recently reduced their floor space by about half, mostly due to eliminating a great deal of inventory and providing delivery service.
  • The emergence of the lounge. Many Randal Retail customers have recently incorporated some sort of lounge or other comfortable waiting area into their store designs. This customer-experience focused environment keeps consumers in-store longer, increasing their store loyalty and the chance that they will purchase more items. Lounge areas usually feature comfortable seating, products to try, technology to entertain and charging stations.

As cash wraps and inventory storage disappear, fixtures morph and lounge areas emerge, having the right millwork vendor is essential. Choosing an experienced millwork vendor who knows how to adjust to changes and has the ability to easily customize to your specific technological needs and the desires of your target customers means you have the right supplies on time and on budget. To learn more about customized millwork to help your store keep up with the times, contact us today.

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