Fabric Signs to the Rescue!

fabric signage for retail stores

We just have to share some news about fabric signs. Have you ever used fabric for your in-store signage? You’re more likely to see fabric signage at trade shows, but we discovered that it is an effective solution for a paper-signage issue facing one of our clients.

Here’s the story: We helped our client create some promotional signage for their 8-foot by 11-foot walls. Yes, we know. We are not a sign company. But if our clients ask for help with something, we are all in. And they asked. We’ve done all sorts of signage for our clients, including typical paper signage, back-lit and plastics. Initially, our client wanted paper-material signage for their in-store promotions. As in-store signage would change with various events and promotions, the paper-material signage would need to be installed and stored and then brought back out again.

Here’s what we noticed:

  • Paper sub-straights have size limitations. If the signage is bigger than the largest sheet available, more than one sheet has to be created. For our client’s 8-foot by 11-foot wall, the signage was in several pieces. Content, whether words, images or patterns, must be lined up just right to achieve the correct look, similar to lining up patterned wallpaper.
  • Paper-material signage is not easy to install. We are more than happy to send out our professional installers, but doing so is time-consuming and costly for our clients.
  • Paper-material signage does not hold up well to removal, storage and re-installation. Over time, tears and creases occur, making signs appear worn and unprofessional.

Our client was not complaining. They were happy with the work and the signage. However, we noticed the difficulty and suggested a solution: fabric. Here’s why:

  • Fabric comes on a roll, so it can be as long as you need. No seams to line up!
  • Fabric is sturdy. When it gets rolled up and stored and then unrolled for reinstallation, there are no folds or tears. No damage.
  • Fabric is light, which makes it easy to take down, store and reinstall.
  • Fabric is easy to clean. Believe it or not, you can even throw it in the washing machine!

From our experience with fabric signage in the trade show industry, we knew it would be an effective solution for our client, saving them time and money as well as improving the look of the signage. They were hesitant at first, but now they use fabric signage in most of their locations. Now, how can we help you today? Whatever it is, signage, fixtures, texturized backboards, counter tops in odd shapes or something else, our team of problem solvers is at your service today and always.

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