Four Tips for Keeping Your Build-Out On Time and On Budget

Plans are finalized. Trucks are arriving. All the time spent designing and planning are finally going to turn into a reality. And then the inevitable happens. A problem. A delay. Additional costs. And there goes your grand opening timing. These four tips will help you keep your build-out on time and on budget.

  • Be sure all parties involved in the build-out have the final plans. Often times, one of the professionals involved in the work will have outdated plans, and, for example, the electrical is installed in the wrong place. Correcting this error creates delays and incurs additional costs. Before your build-out begins, confirm that you, the contractor, the architect, the millwork company, and anyone else working in your space has the latest set of plans.
  • Confirm that a final site condition review has been completed. Typically the architect completes this process, checking that the drawings match the space and that the measurements are accurate. Errors with plans or measurements, especially common with second-generation spaces, are frequently not discovered until onsite. For example, if the location of a column is not drawn correctly, cabinetry can be off. Fixing such errors can be minor or extreme. Either way, it takes time and money to adjust.
  • Coordinate timing with all the trade people involved. Be sure each group has their work completed before the group that follows is due to arrive. If, for example, the millwork group arrives before the flooring is complete or the electrical work is finished, millwork installation is put on hold, delaying the build-out process.
  • Be respectful of neighbors and of mall rules. Build relationships with those regulating the process, including deliveries. Schedule deliveries cautiously, being sure not to disrupt neighboring businesses. For example, if businesses open around 9 or 10 am, be sure your deliveries are completed much earlier. If there are restaurants sharing the parking areas, be sure deliveries do not occur around meal times.

Taking a moment to plan in advance by keeping all parties coordinated, conducting a final site review, and scheduling deliveries appropriately can save you a lot of time and money during the build-out process. These few simple steps will keep you on time and on budget, allowing you to enjoy your grand opening as planned.

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