Four Tips to Keep Your Interior Looking New

The time has come for your store remodel and it can be a big investment. You know interiors can only last so long, due to both design trends getting outdated and wear and tear on your fixtures and millwork, but you still want your remodeled store to look fresh as long as possible to get the most out of your investment.



At Randal Retail Group, we’ve been around the block with remodels and new construction.

Here are 4 tips to make your design last longer:

  1. Keep it Neutral
    1. Color trends come and go, but keeping your design and displays in a fairly neutral color palette will make them appear nearly invisible when the products are on display. This keeps customers’ eyes on your products instead of your shelves and helps to keep your store fixtures from becoming outdated too quickly.
  2. Better Materials
    1. It’s important to consider which materials will work best in your location. We are material masters: if you want the look of one material, we can usually make a similar, often more cost-effective recommendation that will hold up better to wear and tear over the years. Tell us what you like and we will tell you what better options may be available.
  3. Modular Design
    1. By utilizing modular design, display systems are created as separate pieces that can be reassembled to give the appearance of a new display. Modular design allows your shelves and display units to be moved around and used in different ways or locations throughout your retail space. This gives you the flexibility to maximize your investment by getting more than one look out of a single design module.
  4. Think Ahead
    1. Do you have customers placing heavy-duty items on your countertops? Or do the customer-facing sections of your cabinets get damaged quickly while the rest of the cabinets are in fine condition? By knowing your customers’ behaviors and how they interact with your store, we can determine the best materials for your displays. We can also alter your design to be more flexible as you need it. For example, we can install a section of rubber or glass to ensure your counters will stay in good condition with higher traffic and usage; if it needs replacing over time, we can just replace the topper. This type of solution is designed to be more budget-friendly for you in the long run. By having detailed discussions with you during the planning process, we can anticipate where you typically see the most wear and tear, and help advise on budget-friendly solutions to help your displays stand up to traffic.



We don’t learn these tips and tricks by just sitting in our shop. Any project we design and build in our shop looks great once it’s manufactured. But how do we know it will work well in your retail store? At Randal Retail Group, we go out to all of our clients’ locations to see how the various displays are being used. How are customers interacting with the displays? What can cause issues for them? What can cause damage for you? How do your employees interact with the displays? Do they slam any cabinet doors or push carts that may ding your displays?


We don’t learn these patterns of behavior just by looking at a brand-new pristine fixture in our workshop; we like to see first-hand what is going on in your store and how people are interacting with your space. From there, we can make our best recommendations for you to help keep your location looking its best for years to come.


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