Franchising: A Great Path to Living the American Dream

We were happy to attend the Franchise Leadership & Development Conference October 15-17 in Atlanta and connect with franchise CEOs and development professionals from across the country. This event was a great opportunity to learn how to better serve our franchise clients, improve how we do business, and develop new strategies to help build on our successes at Randal Retail Group.

Spirits were high at the conference with most people seeming very positive about market trends in franchising. A common theme throughout the show was how franchising remains one of the best ways for people to build the American Dream. “Franchising is still a very exciting way for folks to own their own business,” says Chuck Bray, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Randal Retail Group. “Savvy business owners can partner with any number of franchises and tap into a proven model that’s worked for many others before them. They can get the support they need from their franchisor, while still having the independence they crave. Really, it’s an ideal way for many to achieve the American dream of running their own business.”

Here are a few of our takeaways from the Franchise Leadership & Development Conference

  1. Digital marketing is where it’s at: Facebook ads along with other digital marketing and social media remain the number one way for franchises to reach new and returning customers. Savvy franchise owners who have been successful with digital marketing aren’t shy about spending their marketing dollars wisely in this area.
  2. Smarter and leaner: Franchises, like any business industry, are focusing on running smarter and leaner. The informational sessions of the conference focused on how to improve on your success, along with new strategies in business development. This means continuing to take a close look at where to cut costs, as well as where to reinvest profits.
  3. More locations = bigger returns: There seems to be an upward trend in franchises signing up more locations. Research and data in retail, restaurants, and the service sector backed up this trend across the board.

At Randal Retail Group, we’ve always enjoyed the strong relationships we’ve had with our franchisor and franchisee clients. We understand the unique demands of this challenging business from both sides, and we love working as a partner in our clients’ continued growth. Check out our Corporate Franchises video to learn more. 

We’d love to hear from you on the trends you’re seeing in your franchise business. Contact us to learn more about how Randal Retail Group is building the retail experience one store at a time. We’ll help you meet your project goals – on time, and on budget.

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