Hitting All the Key Points at Restaurant Point

It’s been a busy week as we traveled to Restaurant Point in beautiful Bonita Springs, FL for one of the premier industry events of the year. We enjoyed meeting up with old friends, new acquaintances, and keeping abreast of some of the hottest trends in the restaurant design and build space.

Restaurant Point East, organized by the Connecting Point Marketing Group, took place October 28-31 at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa. The conference was a professionally organized event that covered the areas of restaurant design, construction, revitalization, manufacturing, and sales optimization. Executives from over 95 organizations were represented in this high-energy event filled with energetic presentations and quality one-on-one meetings.

It was our first time attending the show and we’re so happy we did. You know how there are times when you feel like, “this is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now”? That’s how the entire event felt to us – and we’re excited to share a few key takeaways form the show:

Trends We’re Seeing

Digital displays and menu boards: more fast casual and quick service restaurants are using digital displays and responsive menu boards. Supplying the millwork that supports these technologies and fits into the overall restaurant design is a critical service for Randal Retail Group.

Ordering convenience: fast casual and quick service restaurants are all about making everything convenient for the customer. Whether customers are ordering online through a restaurant app or running in to pick up a preorder, customers expect easy-to-use kiosks, food lockers, and payment systems that are up to speed with the latest technologies. This includes being responsive to and working with quick delivery services such Uber Eats: food must be delivered hot and fast. In today’s fast-paced world, anything less is unacceptable.

Wear and tear: certain areas of every restaurant get beat up over time with the regular wear and tear of high traffic areas. When you’re dealing with food, beverages, and grease stains, spills can take a big toll on surfaces. Replacing flooring, countertops, and booths often needs to be done in a way that doesn’t require ripping up the entire restaurant to start over from scratch. Knowing the best materials to use and offering the best pricing available is one of our strengths at Randal Retail Group.

Remodels: even if a fast casual chain isn’t opening new stores, chances are 10-20% of existing stores will require a remodel in the next 12-18 months. Unlike brand new builds, remodels have their own unique set of design challenges.

Scheduling: one big concern of every business owner during a remodel is how to keep the business running during a remodel. Some restaurants might shut down certain sections, or just keep their drive-thrus open during a remodel; others might schedule a remodel to be done in the evenings or after hours. At Randal Retail Group, we’re prepared to work with your unique scheduling needs.

Outdated specs: during a remodel, it’s common to be working with original site drawings that are out of date, or not the most recent set of specifications. It can often be difficult to locate the final drawings from the original builder, so it’s important to be flexible and knowledgeable when going into a remodel.

At Randal Retail Group, we’re experts at working in the remodel space to accommodate working restaurants and your specific scheduling needs. Our years of experience have also given us the expertise to identify trends in digital displays, online ordering, and the best materials to use that will stand up to typical wear and tear.

We’d love to share more with you about what we learned at Restaurant Point and how we can meet your project’s unique needs. Give us a call to discuss: 630-761-0400

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