#IFA2016 Post Show Wrap Up!

San Antonio in the middle of the night in the pouring rain: beautiful. Yes, we learned more than that at the 2016 IFA Convention this February, but that’s one image we will not forget!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is our favorite part of the convention. While we always enjoy talking with our restaurant-industry franchisees, it was fun to chat with franchisees from other industries as well, including owners of hair salons, nail salons, massage studios, and blow bars. Hearing how busy all the franchisees’ businesses have been was excellent news!

As always, the convention was very interactive and filled with compelling conversation and open discussion. Relationship-building was as much a focus for attendees as learning. The show featured thought-provoking speakers that contributed to the wealth & knowledge of the franchise community, like Dan Martin, CEO of IFX who shared his theories on supplier strategy.

Some of our key take-aways from this year’s convention include:

  • Trends in franchisor behavior.
    • All-inclusive packages that help set-up new franchisees for success are becoming more popular.
    • Franchisors are becoming more involved in guiding franchise consistency with franchisees.
    • More franchisors are targeting multi-unit owners.
  • Insights into franchisee issues.
    • Franchisees’ fears seem to center around lack of control, unexpected costs, and issues around real estate and management.
    • Conversations with our franchisees friends provided continued support for our understanding that they have a lot on their plates, which can make it difficult to focus their attention on growing their businesses.

If we missed you at this year’s convention and you would like to learn more about our full-service solutions, including manufacturing, installation, design, warehousing, lighting, signage and seating, reply to this email today.  Let’s talk through a solution customized to your needs.



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