How an Industrial Psychologist and Zombies Helped Randal Be a Better Vendor

We at Randal are big believers in continuous improvement. We do this as part of our ongoing commitment to striving to be a little bit better in all areas of the company, long before anything is “broken”.  A few months ago, we began working with an industrial psychologist to help us focus on our communications and teamwork. A lot of the time with him was spent in training sessions where we practiced what we were being coached.

Those efforts culminated in the most unusual way – The Randal team was literally trapped in a room with a zombie! Room Escape Adventures provides company team building activities and earlier this month we participated in a “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie” game.  We created two teams, each comprised of people from all departments, and worked to figure out clues that led us to the key that let us escape the room before the zombie could reach us. Both teams met the challenge and escaped the room in the allotted time, without having any team members eaten by a zombie.  FYI – success rate is less than 60%.

These training sessions and zombie fun helped us improve morale, develop better communications and increase collaboration between departments. And we can now all brag that we’ve escaped zombies!

Randal zombie pic 2


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