The Latest in Millwork Techniques: Boogie Boarding

It all started with a phone call. Our client said, “Hey. We have this cool idea. Do you think you could pull it off?” And, as usual, we said, “we’ll get the team together and figure it out.” Because there’s nothing the Randal team loves more than working together to create something unusual that makes our clients say “WOW!”

Our client, a shoe retailer, had a creative new idea. They wanted to showcase five particular shoe styles by displaying them on five basketball hoops with backboards. We got the team together. Sales, management, project management, engineering. We determined the best way to make this happen. What’s the flow through the shop? How do we manage the process? How do we make this economical for our client? We created drawings, renderings, pricing, and samples and returned to our client.

They in turn said, “Wow.”

As usual, we had some fun with it. We made custom backboards and distressed them. Which ended up being the best part, because it turns out that the most economical way to distress a backboard is also pretty fun. Our team slides them across the concrete floor of the shop, basically boogie boarding on a backboard.

This isn’t the first time we’ve received a call like this. We get them often. Our clients appreciate our work and our process. On-time, on-budget, quality work gets noticed. And then our clients say, “How about doing this for us, too?” Because they know they’ll get what they expect when they expect it.

So what’s next? More boogie boarding? Who knows. We’ve taken chains to products to distress them. Left metal pieces in the rain to rust them. Check out what we’ve done in the past on our portfolio and case studies and some of the additional services and products we provide. And then remember: it’s more about our process than our products. If you ask if we can pull it off, more than likely we’re going to figure out how.


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