WE HEAR YOU. You’ve been promised “quality product and reliable service” before. But here’s the thing: Randal has the experience and the innovation to back it up. For proof, look no further than our shop.

When it comes to our fixture manufacturing standards, we don’t cut corners. And our continued investment in the latest software and technology ensures that when we promise ontime delivery, you can set your watch to it.

The Randal Signature Laminate that we apply both to our fixtures’ interior and exterior makes the competitors’ contact cement seem a little…tacky. By the time a cabinet wall comes out of our vacuum press, it’s practically bulletproof. Bonus: Pre-laminating saves you money and lead time.

Dowelled and screwed joinery may not be standard in the retail store fixtures industry – but it’s a given at Randal, and it renders our fixtures twice as strong as the other guys’. Also built to last: our edges, which boast a 3mm edging, compared to others’ 0.018”. Each and every piece we produce is barcoded to optimize speed, accuracy and efficiency, so no dollar or day is wasted. Each step of every project is tracked by our JobBOSS enterprise resource planning software, so when the inevitable change in a store opening schedule occurs, we can predict with absolute certainty how quickly we can accommodate.

Our Other Credits Include:

  • Made in the U.S.A.build
  • National Forest Certification
  • LEED certification capabilities
  • Sophisticated Microvellum AutoCAD® software
  • Custom laminate finishes
  • In-house solid surface capabilities
  • In-house painting and finishing
  • Vacuum and membrane press

All this comes to you at a competitive price we are willing to guarantee – up to three years, in fact. While fuel, source and utility prices fluctuate wildly from month to month, we manage to keep your fixtures price stable. Promise.