Everyone likes a pretty picture. But when it comes to fixture design, Randal understands pictures are just visions unless they actually translate to the three-dimensional world.

Our designers benefit from our nearly 35 years of experience in millwork manufacturing and construction. That means your fixtures are designed to fit your budget, scale to your growth and – most of all – perform in store.

Do we understand how vital it is to stay true to your brand? Absolutely. Do we know store design is critical to the customer experience? You can count on it. When you couple our respect for aesthetics with our first-hand experience of how customers interact with fixtures (yes, your gym members will stand on top of your locker room vanities to flex!), you get design that works.

Randal’s designs are:

  • Maximized for value engineering to save you time and money
  • Optimized for a multi-store rollout, so you avoid costly “prototype store syndrome”
  • Scalable to your production needs, from 10 stores across the region to 110 locations nationwide
  • Functional and able to withstand wear-and-tear in the store

Clients often look to us to improve their existing renderings. But it is those who collaborate with us before taking graphite pencil to paper who reap the full monetary and time gains of our expertise. Those clients’ designs utilize appropriate materials from the first draft. Their plans incorporate corner guards and vinyl bases to hold up to customer abuse. And their fixtures work seamlessly with their store’s media needs. So when that final design draft is approved, the store is assured to be on brand, on task and on budget.


Sample rendering from Randal: