Your store fixtures. They’re not much more than cabinet walls and a few shelves, right? Shouldn’t anyone with a power drill be able to put them together? Installation is simple in theory – but in reality, it pays to leave it to the professionals at Randal.

On time.

Our team of installers work exclusively with millwork, assembling the same store packages over and over again from location to location. They know your fixtures inside and out (and right side up – we’ve seen more than one unspecialized contractor install cabinet doors upside down). They install with efficiency and ease, completing the job much sooner than someone following installation instructions for the first time. Those days saved can mean the difference between your on-time store opening or a costly delay.

On budget.install

Time is money, as they say. If your fixtures aren’t installed on time, your plumber, your electrician and your IT technician are waiting. And they’re on the clock. Randal’s experts will ensure your budget doesn’t get blown because your cash wraps aren’t in place. Another cost savings: we’ll commit to a fixed national price, no matter the variances in labor costs from one coast to the other.

We’re on it.

Before we ship a single piece of your store, we install the entire package on the shop floor. That’s right – we may have built a reception desk for a client 200 times, but we still assemble it and quality check it the 201st time, just to be sure. Because Randal knows that once you get to installation, you’re in the eleventh hour. You don’t have time for oversights. When our installation team shows up in the field, and the store doesn’t quite match the architectural plan, leave it to us to cut down our fixture walls so they fit. We won’t leave until you are satisfied that your fixtures are ready for opening day.

So go ahead and put down that power drill. Randal’s got this.