We may be deeply rooted in woodworking, but in over 35 years in the retail fixture industry, we’ve picked up some complementary skills. Namely, how to apply our reliable and responsive service to the warehousing and shipping needs of our clients. We must say, we wear these hats well.

The true benefit of our warehousing actually begins in the shop. We’ve found the “sweet spot” where just-in-time delivery meets low inventory costs meets ability to change your fixture package a third of the way into your national rollout. What is it, you ask? Five.

Five stores’ fixtures manufactured at once, and housed in our warehouse until the sites are ready. The other guys? They won’t even set foot in the shop for fewer than 25 stores at a time. That’s right: when the inevitable adjustment to your fixture package arises, it’s too late; your order is too far down the assembly line. Randal, meanwhile, is agile enough to accommodate the unpredictable nature of your world.

Once you send the signal that one or more sites is primed and ready, we will move it from our 250,000 square foot warehouse and onto our truck, and deliver it within just three days to any destination nationwide. Unlike trucking brokers who operate with vague, unreliable delivery windows, we give you one delivery date – and then deliver. Our dedicated carriers and team drivers ensure on-time delivery every time, and we utilize a state-of-the-art GPS tracking system to hold them to it. Just ask our current clients – they’ve learned Randal is the one vendor that doesn’t require a “padded” delivery date. No broken promises, no installation team waiting on the other end, no gouges into your bottom line.

When the packaging comes off, you’ll find your fixtures looking like they just came off the shop floor. We purposefully keep our trucking partners to a minimum, only trusting a select few who we have vetted and trained to load, pack and unload retail fixtures. We often find our clients’ own freight departments are not well-suited to handle fixtures. By the time they’ve been hauled off and on the freight truck several times to make room for your products, fixtures often show up damaged. Randal’s trailers are sealed as they leave our warehouse, so they arrive without a scratch. In fact, our delivery team boasts a damage rate of less than one percent.

Agile response to your changing needs. On time delivery. Fixtures that show up ready to work. Randal strives to offer service you’ll tip your hat to.