The Surprising Star of the Shop Tour

Randal Retail hardware/dry fit area millwork

Take a tour through the Randal Retail plant and you’ll see some amazing things. Machines that can lift over 100 pound pieces of board purely with suction. Machines that can cut any shape in any place in any board. Machines that track every move and every step of each board it processes, enabling a project manager to know the exact whereabouts of every piece at every moment.

Walking past cabinetry in the process of being assembled, you probably won’t realize that this may be the most unique part of your tour. What makes it so unique? This isn’t the first time we’ve assembled this particular design. Or the second. Or even the third. Every single item that is shipped out of Randal Retail is dry assembled prior to packing, regardless of how many times that design has been assembled with no problems in the past.

It may be unusual to take the time and the man-power to dry assemble every item prior to shipping, but there’s a pay-off that makes it well worth it, and that pay-off is client satisfaction. Instead of catching issues when your millwork is being assembled at your location, problems are identified and corrected prior to shipping. Preventing these types of problems saves our clients quite a bit of time waiting for replacement pieces and ensures that millwork doesn’t delay store openings.

So while you may not initially find the cabinets being assembled something to oooh and ahhhh about on your tour, the quality control measures they exemplify certainly give you something to applaud, especially as they helps you keep your project on-time and on-budget. And if you find those other machines interesting, like the one that uses suction to lift heavy boards, be sure to stay tuned for more blog posts and our new virtual tour, coming soon.

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