As alluring as retail design can be, and as exciting as it is to install a set of fixtures and see the final product in your store, what really gets us humming goes on inside our factory walls.


The technology investments we’ve made to stay on the leading edge of the manufacturing industry; the processes we’ve mastered to maximize quality and efficiency for our clients… What can we say? We’re proud of what we build, and how we build it.

Do the words “CNC router” make your pulse quicken too? Here’s more:

  • Our JobBOSS enterprise resource planning software not only timelines each order down to the minute, but it talks to our inventory department, allowing us to plan material deliveries and coordinate production timing around our customers’ exact construction schedules.
  • JobBOSS also enables us to be impressively nimble. If a client calls with a sudden change in their delivery needs, JobBOSS tells us which tasks we can shift to accommodate, so you get a delivery promise you can count on with absolute certainty.
  • We barcode each piece of wood and component part so that we can track it at every stage of the build and department in the shop, minimizing handling time and yielding a more efficient process. We pass those efficiencies to our clients with lower prices and tighter turnarounds.
  • Our brand-new Biesse Rover CNC router just hit the U.S. market, and we’re excited by its panel-handling system that actually retrieves the boards and places them on the router, and then takes our barcoding system even further with color-coded labels to direct boards to their respective next step. And it integrates our dowel inserter to boot.
  • Our extensive in-house capabilities mean we’re never at the mercy of another mill: no wait-times, no minimum order requirements, no quality concerns and no markup. Our Randal Signature Laminate line and vacuum press machine allow limitless creative possibilities. We also handle solid surfacing, painting, finishing and lighting and electrical (even getting fixtures UL listed) right on site.
  • We make several environmentally-sound efforts to reduce our footprint, including utilizing energy-efficient lighting, using PVA glue in our Randal Signature Laminate and re-using and recycling our by-products, waste and scrap metal. By the end of 2015, we hope to be completely solar powered!
  • We utilize our import program to partner with select factories overseas to bring in component parts for our most price-sensitive clients.
  • Our sophisticated Microvellum AutoCAD software is among the most customizable on the market, enabling our clients, designers and engineers to think outside the box – literally.
  • We have 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space on site, and another 250,000 square feet of finished goods warehousing space nearby, where palettes are barcoded and integrated into our freight carriers’ systems. It’s the next-best thing to our own distribution center.

Still craving more? Give us a call, or stop by our headquarters for a tour of the factory floor – we’re always up for talking shop.