We hate to brag, but in the world of franchise vendors, Randal is a bit of a rare breed: an exotic hybrid of design, production, shipping, installation, storage and brand execution. But we don’t mind standing out from the crowd.

We’re experts in helping franchisors realize cost efficiencies by way of creative value engineering solutions, and economies of scale across store franchises.

We are small enough to accommodate your ever-fluid store opening schedule (no massive P.O. from a big-box store creating a logjam), yet big enough to handle the complexities of a nationwide chain.

We have capacity to house multiple franchises worth of fixture inventory so they can show up tomorrow if need be…or stay put until you’re ready.franchises randal retail group

We treat your franchisees to the same exceptional service we extend to you (call it Randal’s version of the Golden Rule).

We empower our franchisors to lock in pricing for our Randal Program for their franchisees across the nation.

We uphold quality standards that guarantee the execution of your brand is seamless, from the corporate flagship in Atlanta all the way to the franchise store in Akron.

Some franchisors have said these standards are what make us different than the other guys. After nearly 35 years of working hard to deliver value to our clients, it’s the only way we work.

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