Six Traits of Millwork Partners Who Help Build Your Brand With An On-Time, On-Budget Build-Out

Managing millwork should be the no-brainer part of your build out. There are many millwork vendors who can provide you with the cabinetry and fixtures you need, more-or-less on time, more-or-less on budget. But there are millwork vendors who will go above and beyond, keeping you on budget and on time and helping you build your brand. If that’s the kind of millwork vendor you want to work with, here’s what to look for:

1. National client base.

You have multiple locations. Your millwork vendor should be able to manage all of them. Not just one.

  • Working with a millwork vendor like Randal who has established relationships with installers in many areas reduces travel costs and ensures that service gets done fast, with just one call.
  • Various millwork vendors may interpret the architect’s drawings differently, which can result in differences in the fixtures from location to location. Having one millwork vendor for all locations protects your brand, keeping it consistent from location to location.
  • Working with just one vendor provides pricing consistency, a more predictable budget and eliminates the need to call around for bids and compare bids that use different pricing methods.

2. Customer service.

  • Everyone at your millwork vendor should be familiar with your project, from the president to the project manager.
  • Your millwork vendor needs to be proactive. Our Randal team is three steps ahead, calling you with updates and preventing problems.

3. Experience.

Choose a millwork provider with an experienced team. When there’s a problem, a change or a question, an experienced team knows exactly what to do because they’ve seen it all. For example, the family-owned, family-operated Randal Retail has been in business for 35 years and includes third generation family members. Much of our executive team, our customer service manager and our chief foreman have been with us for more than 20 years.

4. State of the art factory.

To provide you with the best quality at the best prices, your millwork vendor should be consistently updating their equipment and processes. At Randal Retail, our goal is to implement at least one new piece of equipment that increases efficiency each year. One of our newest machines provides automated storage delivery and continues to operate afterhours when the team has left for the day. When our team arrives the next morning, everything is ready for them. The efficiency and accuracy achieved with this new machine ultimately lowers prices because it saves time.

5. Automated scheduling software.

MRP scheduling means guaranteed dates. No overpromising. No delays. No guessing. At Randal, we know the progress of the project every step of the way, every moment.

6. Storage program.

A millwork vendor with a storage program can respond quickly when real estate schedules impact timing unexpectedly. Cost savings are also realized because of the lower cost of producing more of the items at one time. Randal’s storage program is carefully calibrated to provide just the right number of pieces so that you have what you need when you need it while preventing obsolete inventory issues.

When you’re building a business, spending time and money wisely and maintaining brand consistency are your most important goals. Building a partnership with a millwork vendor who meets these six traits means you can focus on building your business, not your build-out. To learn more about Randal Retail’s incorporation of these six traits in their business, contact us today.

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